These machines execute a fundamental step in the making of baked products, as the more demanding people working in the industry know very well, who choose Sacar proofers and proofing-retarders.

Elegant, sturdy and robust, designed to make optimal use of spaces and to be durable, the various models utilize a sophisticated electronic system which guarantees an accurate measurement of the internal conditions and a rapid response with a vaporization device. Adaptable to any type of oven, built in the full respect of the safety and hygiene regulations, these proofers are the prelude to excellent baking.

Command control panel simple and functional. Temperature control. Humidity control. Steel internal construction. Heat produced by sheathed elements, distributed by a low-speed ventilator. Humidity produced by a boiler mounted on the proofer and distributed inside through ventilation. Control of water input through a float. Draining pipe for excess water. Proofer fitted for tray trolleys. Proofer insulated with high-density mineral wool.


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