Oriam CE

Forno Pasticceria Ventilato Sacar Forni

Thermoventilated pastry oven with cooking chamber in stainless steel, removable trolley for 9 tins 40x60 and slow-velocity ventilation system. Thanks to adjustable fins – that allow to adjust the passage of air inside the chamber – products will have an even cooking. Furthermore, thanks to rockwool isolation that prevents heat dispersion, this oven maintains an always regular temperature and in this way it makes it possible to have a professional cooking and an energy saving. In the lower part of the cooking chamber this oven is equipped with prover, at the top it is equipped with a frontal hood.



Number of tins: 40x60: 9

External dimensions: 90x125+25x200 cm.

Power supply: gas/electric

Control panel: mechanical/electronic/touch screen

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