Oriam 1F

Forno Pasticceria Ventilato Sacar ForniThermo-ventilated pastry oven with baking chamber paneled in stainless steel, suitable to contain one non-removable sheet pan rack for trays measuring 40x60 cm, with slow speed ventilation. Thanks to the adjustable fins which allow to regulate the air passage inside the chamber, products will have a uniform baking.  Furthermore, thanks to the mineral wool insulation which prevents heat dispersion, the oven maintains a constant temperature, resulting in professional baking and on consumption savings. Underneath the cooking chamber, the oven is equipped with proofer and, above, with a front exhaust hood.

Number of trays 40x60: 9

External dimensions: 90x125+25x200 cm.

Power supply: gas/electric

Control panel: mechanical/electronic/touch screen


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