Anteo Series

anteo Anteo is the new premium oven of SaCar: compact, sturdy, versatile, reliable, ergonomic and above all economical.

COMPACT: it takes up very little space to be an oven with revolving trolley.

STURDY: built in high thickness steel and suitable for every type of need. It can be composed with flexible elements and combining each other: proofer coupled with the chiller or the cabinet, stackable with another model of Anteo in order to create an oven with two independent chambers, electrically and thermally – the lower one with electric heating and the upper one with gas heating.

VERSATILE: suitable for pastry, bakery, boulangerie and gastronomy in general.

RELIABLE: it includes over fifty years of SaCar experience in the ovens construction.

ERGONOMIC: the control panel is placed with an inclination as to be observable from any point; the handle with long lever avoid the rotation of the wrist and the door has a magnetic closure.

ECONOMICAL: energy saving is achieved by a special clean air exchanger appropriately included inside the cooking chamber, so that heat is transmitted on the product by irradiation, conduction or convection, cooking it in the best way and in less time. Furthermore, the cross-coupling insulation with stone wool removes thermal losses.

Touch & Smart: a modern remote system allows the software control of the entire oven even with a smartphone. In this way it is possible to manage and control the various functions of remote and just a click away.

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