Soft gelato machines

Pump or gravity power supply.
The extremely reduced dimensions allow to easily place the machine on the counter or behind it while saving space.
Two automatic freezing cycles: for gelato and frozen yogurt; creative for sorbets, semifreddo desserts and fruit gelato made from natural ingredients (patented).
Shaking in the tank for the EMU version (with additional charge).
Automatic product’s preservation in the tank with energy saving function and temperature adjustment with display to visualize the temperature in the tank.
Double signaling of the product’s supply in the tank with automatic dispensing block once the minimum level has been reached.
Large freezing cylinder to handle peak demand.
Resin monobloc mixer (standard) or in steel with mobile scraping blades and counter-stirrer (optional).
Gear pump for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Dispensing system with magnetic sensor.
Ability to set the counting of the portions dispensed (cones counter).
Automatic lever return to start position after dispensing (optional).
The CTS system (patented) is a true electronic assistant which prevents malfunctions intervening in the event of a possible error in the use of the machine by the operator.
Wi-Manager system for Wi-Fi connection (through App My-Soft) and GSM: optional.

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