Fresh gelato machines

The first and original professional machine for the manufacturing, displaying and selling of an always fresh gelato, just creamed.

New enhanced refrigerating circuits for batch freezing, refills which are even faster and the consistency of a superior gelato.
Complete independence of the containers which allows the maximum flexibility of use.
Possibility of adding during the batch freezing, whole pieces like hazelnuts, chocolate, fruit, etc.
Steel mixers with scraping element easy to remove and wash.
See-through dome lids which allow the client to follow the gelato creaming process.
Air-knife system (patent application) which prevents the steaming up on the lids.
Dedicated spatulas (patent application) which, through a practical and rapid mounting/unmounting system, introduce a new hygiene standard which protects from any type of product contamination. The part of the spatula in contact with the gelato is located in the area of the freezing cylinder/storage at negative temperature and protected from any type of contaminants through the see-through dome.  The handle remains out of the food area, at room temperature, in a defined position for a visual impact of the case, extremely orderly. Safety magnets on the covers.
Cleaning system of the cylinders directly connected to a removable front unloading. Predisposed inside for the direct connection of the unloading to the water supply.
Available with protective glass (optional)
Personalized graphics upon request (optional)

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