combinataCombined machine boiler and batch freezer.

Three cooking programs: automatic cycle at 85°C; semi-automatic cycle with selection of the temperature between 30°C and 105°C; chocolate processing at low temperature.
Automatic maintenance of the temperature at the cycles end.
Glycol double-boiler system: the product’s temperature can reach 105°C without altering the organoleptic characteristics.
Delicate products function with the adjustment of the double-boiling fluid temperature below 100°C.
Extraction/pouring faucet: very wide for dense products; rotating system for extraction without engaging the freezing cylinder; can be completely disassembled.
Monobloc vase and self-locking agitator made of steel with mobile scraping blades on the sides and bottom of tank.
Temperature monitoring through a probe in direct contact with the product.
The IES electronics eliminates the phenomenon of the thermal inertia through a patented system which allows to work at the desired temperatures with extreme precision, thus reducing energy consumption.

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