The reference point for the restaurant business.

SaCar forni was founded by Saverio Caroccia at the beginning of the sixties, with the intention of producing ovens, refrigerators, equipement and furnishings for professional use. He was convinced that this action would have given a great success and for this reason he decided to name the firm after SaCar (that’s to say his initials).

The founder’s abilities and his spirit of self-sacrifice have enabled the company to cross without problems many difficult phases of the italian economy over the years and to consolidate its commercial position. Thanks to highly specialised staff and advanced tools, SaCar has managed to emerge whether in the national or the international context.

After the passing of Saverio Caroccia, SaCar has been entrusted to Giacomo Sessa in 2005. He kept forming a careful and motivated management, in full respect of the company tradition. With his ten-year experience alongside the founder, Sessa inherited the values of competence, seriousness, honesty, respect, tenacity and sacrifice, in other words the essential values for any company man.

With eyes turned to the past, but with a watchful gaze of the current situation, Sessa sails like a good captain to the future: innovative proposals and cutting-edge solutions allow the Company to continue to be the reference point in this professional area.

SaCar forni Saverio Caroccia SaCar forni

azienda certificata iso 9001Certified Company in the production of ovens for the restaurant business.

The big experience accumulated over the years is synonymous with absolute guarantee and security.
It assures excellent and technologically advanced products to our customers.