The best equipment for catering,
pizzeria, pastry and baked goods.

Restaurant ovens, pizzeria ovens, bakery ovens, confectionery ovens are our speciality!

SaCar forni srl produces and commercializes professional equipment for restaurants, bars, confectioner’s shops, ice-cream parlours and baked goods:
storage cabinets, proofers, blast chillers, refrigerated cases, heated cases, fryers, dough sheeters, pasta cookers, cream cookers, planetary mixers, pastry-making machines, machines for bread and pizza, pasteurizer, chocolate-tempering machines and so much more.
catering ovens, pizzeria ovens, bakery ovens, pastry ovens
SaCar is also specialised in the production of catering ovens, pizzeria ovens, bakery ovens and pastry ovens (wood, electric, gas and tunnel models). The company is also involved in counters, furnishings and supplies for bars, restaurants, hotels and communities.

Areas and products: